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Welcome to our OTA Support page; below is where you'll be able to find our most frequently asked questions, as well as contact support directly if the FAQ doesn't answer any of your questions specifically. As a quick note, we strive to provide the best support we possibly can. We get countless messages a day and will do our best to respond to your support ticket as fast as possible. 

Need Tech Support?

If you can't find your question below, contact our tech support to help you with anything related to accessing your programs. 

Have a Question for Our Coaches?

If you have a training related question hit us up through Facebook. Our coaches will be able to help you out best through facebook messages.

Frequently asked questions

How are your programs delivered?

We deliver our programs through our OTA Hub. In this portal is where we house all of our programs. 

How do I access the OTA App?

The OTA App is only available for our OTA Elite Coaching Athletes, and if you have a subscription based program. If bought a program for a one-time-fee, you can access the program inside the OTA Hub

How do I access the programs I just recently bought?

If you're having trouble logging into the OTA Hub to access your program, use the link below to reset your password > RESET PASSWORD HERE <

I play a specific sport. Do you have a training program for my sport?

You can check out all of our programs HERE. We have a handful of sport specific training programs. Just check out that page and see if your sport is there. 

What program would be best for me?

This is something that's hard to answer if we've never met. And that's the exact reason I have my OTA Coaches available for you. Send us a message through FB with your question and one of our coaches will get back to you. 

My child is a youth athlete (6-16 years old), what program would be best for them?

If you have a youth athlete, we always recommend starting with Youth Performance. But if you're interested in our other programs; most of them come with a bodyweight edition of the program. Your youth athlete can always start with the body weight edition and work their way up to performing the main program. 

What equipment do I need access to in order to complete the program?

As long as you have access to a commercial gym you should be good to go. There's always variations you can perform if you don't have to something specific. 

How can I reach an OTA Coach?

If you're a customer, you get top priority to an OTA Coach inside the OTA Hub. If you're still browsing and not part of the OTA Nation yet, you can send us a message through Facebook and one of our coaches will reach out. 

I'm trying to find an OTA Coach near me. How can I find one?

You can use our OTA Coach Locator. Simply input your location and it will tell you how close an OTA Coach is to you. 

I'm interested in working with OTA remotely. How can I do that?

That's awesome! We love to work 1 on 1 with serious athletes to get them closer to their goals. Not everyone gets in, but if that sounds like you, apply for OTA Elite HERE

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