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  • How I went from 32" to a true 44" Vertical Jump
  • The one test I used on numerous athletes to gain a minimum of 7 inches in just one Off-Season
  • The strength method that got scrawny basketball players dunking with ease
  • The one training method that exploded my athletes careers

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What Others Are Saying

Dante Bichette Jr.

I tested out in Spring Training with a 29″ Vertical and in just one short off-season with Chris, I was able to retest this past season at a 36.5″. It literally turned heads of the entire Yankee organization with that increase in one season.

Final Result – 29″ to 36.5″

Dante Bichette Jr. New York Yaknees
Kyle Collins

I picked up a basketball in 9th grade and being so late in the game I never thought I would play at a higher level, let alone see the court on my high school team.  From not touching the rim to dunking in games junior year, Chris’s vertical program gave me one edge while I thoroughly learned the game.  Having explosive vertical power translated into every aspect on the court.

Final Result – 22″ to 39″

Kyle Collins Collegiate Basketball Player

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