What's good OTA Nation?

All over Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook I see a common trend with squatting.

You've probably seen it to.

I's going “Ass to Grass”.

Instagram “experts” and YouTube “gurus” are lining up everywhere saying that if ya ain't going ass to grass, your squat doesn't count.

Well in the pretty boy bodybuilding community, maybe that's true.

But for athletes, if you listen to this advice, you're wasting your time.


Because when most people squat “ass to grass” they lose tension in their glutes and quads, meaning that you're not applying stimulus where you intend to. Which means WASTED TIME.

As athlete, we want to most bang for our buck. We spend enough time setting goals, planning out our meals, and conquering in our sport.

We don't need to waste time in our training.

We make every second count.

So what's the best way to squat for an athlete?

Well if you wanna get as sport specific as possible, you'll want to go parallel, no lower.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.44.30 PMThis allows you to keep tension on the right muscles for the duration of the exercise – resulting in maximum return on investment.

And think about it…

When you jump, do you squat ass to grass?


You squat about a quarter of the way down.

So there's no need to work on producing high levels of force from the deep squat position. We'd just be spinning our wheels.

One more thing:

With my athletes, I utilize tempos a lot (like I do in The Flight System)

If I had them perform an isometric hold ass to grass there would be no stimulation. Even if I had them do a Concentric tempo, they'd lose tension at the bottom of the squat and throw all the benefit right out the window.

Bottom line:

Ass-to-Grass ain't good for athletes. Don't listen to the pretty boy bodybuilder on IG or YouTube if you want to perform.

Go Parallel.


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