What’s good OTA Nation?

The stretching game gets a lot of hate, but if you wanna get to the top, it's an important tool to have in your tool box.

The Pros do it,

College guys do it,

So why don't you?

In just a few minutes a day you can:

  • Increase your range-of-motion

  • Reduce soreness

  • Prevent injury

And most importantly…

Increase performance.

There are plenty of dudes who walk into my gym with tightness in different areas – and after some simple stretching, they're running faster, jumping higher, and more powerful.

The exact opposite of what everyone wants you to think.

But if you're stretching the RIGHT way if you've got a strategy, then you're loosening overactive muscles and making way for other muscles that have been shut off, to go to work.

Resulting in that slew of good stuff I listed above.

To learn more about the “sorcery” I'm talking about, check out my Athletic Symmetry Program.

Not only will you learn how to stretch for performance, but you'll get an effective self-assessment tool to learn what muscles are overactive (and need to be stretched)

and which should be left alone.

Because the effects of stretching a muscle that doesn't need to be stretched are actually MORE harmful than not stretching at all.

Let me show you how it's done.



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