The time is quickly approaching, Athlete Built Savage is launching May 1st and the amount of questions I’ve been getting in my inbox is crazy.

People from all different walks of life are interested in training with Athlete Built Savage.

And I know you must have questions yourself.

So I decided that I would breakdown exactly how I designed AB Savage so you would be able to get a better understanding of the program and and how to design your own in case you weren’t able to invest in Athlete Built Savage when it releases.

Phase 1 

In phase 1 we start the program by concentrating on mobilization. We do this through static stretching and really working towards reducing muscular imbalances and increasing our range of motion throughout all our joints.

Afterwards, we’ll move on to a dynamic movement. This consists of exercises that focus on acceleration, top speed, power, and agility.

Next is the strength portion of phase 1. The focus will be high frequency, high intensity, and absolute strength.

As usual, I’ll be throwing Tri-Phasic training into the mix. So phase 1 will have a heavy emphasis on the eccentric portion of our lifts.

After, we’ll be performing Limited ROM training. In this section, we focus on improving the sticking points of our lifts. We’ll also be focusing on general prep work. I like to call these the heavy 10’s. Focusing on the auxiliary lifts and inducing hypertrophy within the muscle.

Finally for the core section, our main focus is on stabilization, being able to control the torso in any position we want.

Phase 2

In phase 2 we’ll be focusing on bringing symmetry into the body.

Introducing mobilization through a dynamic fashion, while also adding activation. Priming our dormant muscle to activate better.

Again we’ll be balancing our dynamic movements (speed, agility, and power) right before our strength lift.

After finishing up priming the central nervous system, we’ll start working on our absolute strength.

Reducing the frequency but keeping the intensity high during this phase is going to be importnat. Volume will also start to climb up a bit.

Regarding triphasic training, we’ll be using the isometric phase for phase 2. But instead of the normal way of pausing, we’ll be using my favorite way of implementing isometric training.

Pushing against an immoveable object and extract maximal motor recruitment when performing the movement.

After that we’ll go into the build section, I introduce the heavy 10’s and super slow method here. This is where we want to maximize tissue tear; time under tension is everything.

For the core, we’ll be working in a more dynamic and rotational fashion.

Phase 3

Finally, this is where we start to cut the calories down.

This is the phase where we aim to be in a calorie deficit and really start to burn the body fat off your body.

The only difference is that by doing it in the way I show you in the program, you’ll be able to maintain and even gain strength during your cut.

We’ll be cutting down the mobilization and really focusing on activation. Priming the muscles for the movements we’re about to perform on any particular day.

Again we’ll be doing a dynamic movement but reducing the overall volume for phase 3.

And introduce POWER.

We’ll be using a method called concentric contrast. To perform this method you’ll be performing a full range of motion movement, really focusing on the concentric portion of the lift.

Right after you’ll want to perform a dynamic exercise that’s similar to the full range of motion exercise.

An example would be to do a bench press and right afterwards perform a Med Ball Chest Pass.

Finally, for the build section of phase 3, this is where I introduce all the methods I learned from working with my body building coach. All kinds of methods that has helped him add tons of muscle mass on all of his clients, including myself.

He’s a master when it comes to building muscle.

In the core section of phase 3 we’ll be focusing on integration. Being able to transfer energy from your lower body to your upper body is super important when it comes to your athleticism. This is where we’ll be practicing this skill.

So there you have it.

If you want to design your own Savage program that will help you burn fat, build muscle, increase your strength, and improve your overall athleticism then you’ve come to the right place. Watch the video and start designing your program.

If you want a fool proof, proven and tested program that I have personally gone through, as well as my boys here at Strength Camp, then wait until May 1st.

That’s when Athlete Built Savage will be available to the public. 

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