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What’s going on OTA Nation?

Hope y’all are still out there grinding away at your goals and dreams.

Keep up the great work!

Today I wanted to share a little trick I like to use with my athletes that ultimately helps them increase their vertical.

It involves using a simple foam pad…

When we’re trying to increase our vertical, we’re working on our stretch-shortening cycle.

And we’re always trying to eliminate time on our amortization(transition) phase, which is the time between the eccentric and concentric phases of your jump.

So when you see someone who has a “spring” in their step, that means they have a very short transition phase.

How do we shave time off of our transition phase?

Where does this foam pad come in?

Well, to work on our transition phase, I have athletes perform jumps on a foam pad (you can see the pad I use here).

What this pad does is it absorbs a lot of your force.

This creates a longer transition phase (as opposed to the hard ground) and forces your body to overcome that transition phase.

This ultimately progresses the stretch-shortening cycle and will have you jumping higher.

Hope this little trick helps the enormous efforts you guys put forth into your training.

Keep grinding


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