Try This Speed and Lower Body Baseball Strength Workout

If you’re baseball player, your workouts should be geared toward the development of the five tools. And if you don’t know what the five tools are, check this out to be brought up to speed. With this baseball workout, we’re working on speed and hitting for power with speed mechanics work, acceleration drills, and strength training.

So follow along with the workout below. I’ll also post the full video of my guys doing the baseball strength workout.

Speed Drills for Baseball Players

1. Arm Pump Drill – 4×10 seconds

The arm pump drill works on the upper body mechanics of a sprint. It consists of two “phases”. During the first phase, you open up with the arms straight (see picture above). This lasts five seconds.

During the second phase, or last five seconds of the drill, you’ll break down and pump your arms as fast as you can with good mechanics. To do this, start with your hand at the cheek with a reduced angle in the elbow. Then, chop down at your hip so the elbow angle opens up.

2. Lateral Broad Jump – 2×5

Start with the feet just outside shoulder width in a staggered stance. From here, push with the inside of the back leg and outside of the front leg to get up and out as far as possible.

3. Ground Starts – 3×10 Yards

Start on your stomach. Pop up and push out to keep your body in the golden position as you accelerate. It helps to keep the chin tucked. This prevents you from popping your chest up too early.

4. Lateral Ground Starts – 4×10 Yards

Start in the same position as you did the ground starts, except you’ll face the same direction you would running the bases. From there, pop up and drive off your front leg laterally.

5. 60 Starts – 5×10 Yards

Get into your 60 stance (if you want help with your 60, see this blog post). Run hard through 10 yards, then decelerate.

Baseball Strength Training

1. A. Low Handle Trap Bar Deadlift – 5×4

I like the low handle trap bar deadlift to build strength through an extended range of motion. I usually program it when athletes return from the season.

1. B. Lateral Monster Walks 5×5 Yards Each Way

This is a simple activation exercise. It activates the muscles of the hips that are usually underdeveloped in most athletes.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats – 3×8 Each

Bulgarians might be one of the most miserable exercises to perform, but one of the best for your performance. Make sure to sit down and back into the bottom position of your Bulgarian split squat to put less strain on the knee. You might feel a stretch in the back quad and hip. This is normal.

3. Tempo Buddy Hamstrings – 2×8 Reps

I usually use buddy hamstrings to build eccentric strength in the hamstrings. Here, I don’t want the athlete to go as slow as they can. I just want them to move steadily, at a constant tempo, towards the ground, then back up.

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