When training athletes to increase their speed, the main focus should always be to improve their stance, their start, and acceleration phase; the first 10 yards.

If I’m able to improve an athletes 10 yards, his whole game can change.

The top speed mechanics come over time.

Think about top speed as you changing that one mechanical thing you need to change in your shot or swing that you have to do 1000 reps of.

Top speed comes from constant repetitions.

But for today, my main focus is to give you 2 exercises that will help improve your acceleration phase.

The first exercise is the heavy sled march, this mimics the same form you’ll be in for the first 10 yards of your sprint.

Approach the sled with a flat back and your chin tucked.

From here focus on pushing out rather than pushing down. What I see most athletes do is push down which makes the sled harder to push forward.

We want fluid movement during this exercise.

Concentrate on over exaggerating each step. You’ll want to have full extension within the hips and really drive into the ground.


I recommend performing 10-20 yards of the heavy sled drags.

We’re using this exercise as a strength building movement. So make sure you pick a heavy weight and really concentrate on using force and strength to push the sled rather than speed and explosiveness.

The second exercise is going to be a standard 10 yard sprint.

Set up as if you were about to run a 40 yard dash.

From that position I want you to explode off the line and sprint 10 yards as fast as you possibly can.

By combining these two exercises, we’re utilizing the same muscle groups that help us perform the acceleration phase during the sprint.

The first exericse focuses on exciting the nervous system.

Then by performing a more dynamic and explosive movement right afterwards we’re building off that excited nervous system and really firing on all cylinders during this explosive movement.

Teaching the body to utilize your explosive muscle fibers, type II; more frequently.

Give these two complex a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below.



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