2 supplemental exercise that help athletes master their broad jump technique.

The broad jump is an athletic test that most athletes have to perform during their combine and sometimes even on the first day of practice.

Coaches are starting to understand that  horizontal power is just as important as vertical power.

This is why a lot of athletes are starting to concentrate on perfecting their broad jump technique. They want to be prepared for when they are tested, either at a combine or within their team.

The first supplemental exercise that any athlete can do is an over compensation drill.

One of the most important aspects of the broad jump is your upper body.

Yes, lower body power is important but a longer lever equals more power.

So in order to learn the correct arm path and making sure your arms are fully involved in your broad jump, use two 1 – 2.5 pound plates and hold one in each hand.

From here you’re going to want to set up for the broad jump as you normally would, the only difference now is that you’re going to swing your arms back as hard and fast as you can,

and as soon as your arms come forward and pass your hips, your hips will extend forward as your broad jumping,

You want to utilize the weight and momentum to carry you further than you normally would, without this over compensation drill.

The second exercise that will help you get a better broad jump is a simple resistance drill.

Adding a thin band around your waist while performing the broad jump will help strengthen the muscles associated with this exercise.

So when you take off the band, your strength and explosiveness will be increased because of the resistance that was used during this drill.

Not only will this drill help increase your broad jump, but it’ll also help teach the athlete proper landing.

What most athletes do is fall back when they land the broad jump.

This is because they’re throwing out so much force and momentum to get their feet out.

If you land correctly you want to land with your feet out and your shoulders slightly back so you can get the maximal distance. This alone will have the athlete lose balance and fall back.

What the resistance band does is tug on the athlete so he learns to properly stick the landing and balance correctly.

As the athlete practices this drill, he’ll get better and better at mastering the landing portion of the broad jump.

So their you have it.

Utilizing these 2 drills into your broad jump training will dramatically increase your mechanics and power within this important athletic test.

I recommend using the rep and set scheme below:

  1. Over Compensation Drill – 3×5
  2. Simple Resistance Band – 3×5
  3. Regular Broad Jump – 3×5



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