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"Getting My Own Custom Program Years Ago Really Changed My Game, I'm Here To Pay It Forward" - Chris Barnard

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OTA Custom Program Design

A Program Designed To Improve Your Weaknesses

Every athlete has weaknesses, these weaknesses can stem from anywhere; whether it be muscular imbalances, faulty recruitment patterns, strength and muscular mediocracy, or even the lack of confidence in your sport. If you're looking to take your athletic career far, that's where OTA's Custom Program Design comes into play.

12 Week Customized Training Program

I will design a 12 week custom program based off the videos you send me. I will break down the clips and really concentrate on your movement efficiency, strength levels, speed, agility, and athletic fluidity. With this in mind I will design your own OTA training program.

Total Power Nutrition

Total Power Nutrition is OTA's nutrition manual that lays out everything you need to know about sports nutrition. You know the saying, 80% of your results will come from the work you put in the kitchen, the other 20% will be your commitment to your program. Remember, without proper nutrition you're cutting yourself short.

Access To OTA Exercise Database

Sometimes exercises are hard to understand. By becoming part of OTA CPD you will have full access to my exercise database. Here you'll be able to find video demonstrations on how to perform the exercises I program into your routine.

Movement Breakdown

If you're selected to be part of OTA Custom Program Design you will need to send me clips of you performing certain exercises. I'll break your movements down and design a custom program using that information.

Strengthen Your Weaknesses

Every athlete has weaknesses. I'm going to find yours and design a program specifically to strengthen those weaknesses.

Goal Specific Program

You want a custom program for a reason. You have a goal in mind and you want to accomplish it. With your goal in mind I will design the program to give you exactly what you want.

OTA's Custom Program Design

In order to be considered an Overtime Athlete there's a criteria you have to meet. Below you'll discover exactly what it takes to become an Overtime Athlete and how a custom program can get you there

  • Athletes that are serious about their goals.
  • Athletes that have a burning desire to get better at their sport.
  • Athletes that understand the work ethic it takes to fully commit to the program and yourself.
  • Athletes that are dedicated to themselves.
  • Athletes who are ready to take control of their athletic career and dominate their sport.

Happy to tell you that after 5 1/2 weeks of my custom program I've gone from not being able to dunk on 9 1/2 ft rims to being able to dunk on 10ft. My vertical has gone from 28 to 34 in just these first 5 weeks. So thanks a lot for the program, and I'll update you again after the full 12 weeks.

Dylan Becker

Starting for my high schools football team has been my dream since I was an 8th grader. After completing my custom program I was able to take my athleticism to the next level. I just started my sophomore year and I'll be first string running back.

Joe Mandl


  • How does OTA's Custom Program Design work?

    It’s a simple process.

    Once you finish your payment you’ll be directed to your private questionnaire form. Fill out the form and click submit.

    You’ll be contacted by one of our OTA coaches about the video clips they will need to start designing your training program.

  • How will the program be customized?

    One of our coaches will break down the videos you send him. From those videos he’ll learn what your weaknesses are, along with distinguishing the muscular imbalances you might have.

    With all this information in mind he’ll design a program made to improve your weaknesses as an athlete and fix your imbalances.

  • Will I get any coaching?

    OTA CPD isn’t a month to month coaching type of service.

    We’re here to deliver the best training programs to the most serious athletes. We’ll be here to answer any questions you might have about the program or nutrition, but it’s up to you to find the discipline and get sh!t done.

  • How will the program be delivered?

    Once your program is complete your coach will send you a password protected page where you’ll be able to view all the content.

Apply Today $599

I want to be up front with you, that's why I'm showing you the price right now, before you even apply. I only work with serious and dedicated athletes, and from experience showing the price up front cuts down on wannabe Overtime Athletes. Do you want to become an Overtime Athlete? Apply Below

View the list of athletes who have earned scholarships through OTA +


  • Adaris Bellamy - Youngstown State
  • Alvin Williams - Ave Maria
  • Brakki Brazzle - Pima College
  • Byron Brazzle - Pima College
  • Chris Smith - Northern Illinois University - St Louis Rams
  • Daviel Clarke - Ave Maria
  • Drayton Neely - Citadel
  • Edward Johnson - Tuskegee University
  • Garrett Shulte - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Garrett Thomason - Florida Atlantic University
  • Hunter Thomason - Florida State University
  • Jacquian Williams - University of South Florida - New York Giants
  • Jake Brandenburg - University of Florida
  • Jaxon Parker - East Carolina University
  • Markus Tominus - Rutgers
  • Nicholas Russell - Nebraska
  • Omar Clarke-Rodgers - Jacksonville State
  • Sam Grant - Rose Hulman
  • Theodis Wilson - University of South Florida
  • Trevor Ralph - Becker College
  • Trey Wilson - Vanderbilt - Jacksonville Jaguars


  • Jay Joyner - West Point
  • Kyle Collins - Werner


  • Dante Bichette - New York Yankees
  • Bo Bichette -Toronto Blue Jays
  • Bret Maxwell - Florida State University
  • Brett McKeon - University of Tampa
  • Christopher Clark - Tallahassee Community College
  • Eric Simone - Embry Riddle
  • Jamal Chaney - Eckerd College
  • Marc Brakeman - Stanford - Boston Red Sox


  • Alex Grant - Babson College
  • Caroline Neely - University of Cincinnati
  • Cayla Collins - Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Emma Spillman - University of Florida
  • John Farese - University of Florida
  • Joshua Chen - Amherst
  • Kaitlin Frehling - University of Florida
  • Mark Marshburn - Nova Southeastern