Will Calf Exercises Help Me Jump Higher?

What’s going on OTA Nation, In today’s video, I explain my perspective on calf training and vertical jump gains. Do athletes need to do direct calf work if their goal is to increase their vertical jump? I’ve seen this question be asked in the comment section for quite some time. Well, today you’ll find out my exact thoughts on this topic. See, growing up I was one of those kids that would spend countless hours doing calf raises or anything that would work my calves … [Read more...]

Jump High But Can’t Dunk

What’s good Overtime, Ever since I released my 44’ inch vertical jump video on youtube a few months ago I’ve gotten countless messages from athletes asking me why I haven’t released a dunk video yet. It’s funny how many people assume that somebody is a great dunker based off of his vertical jump. And in today’s video, I explain exactly why this assumption is dead wrong. What most people don’t understand is that dunking is a skill. Just like in baseball, you can be strong as a MF but a … [Read more...]

How to Train for a Higher Vertical

What’s going on OTA, So lately I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from athletes that want to get their hands on The Flight System, but aren’t able to afford it just yet. Which made me start thinking… There are all these athletes out there that want to increase their vertical jump but don’t know how. I mean I lay it out in TFS, but that’s an investment that some athletes can’t make. I understand that. So I decided to make a quick video where I outline the exact components … [Read more...]

I Spent the LAST YEAR on THIS for YOU

If you haven’t heard by now I’ve kinda had this little goal I’ve been trying to reach for a little while. Sometime last year I decided to come up with this outrageous goal to hit a 42” Vertical Jump. Now if you don’t know a 42” Vertical is pretty huge by professional athlete standards.  In fact, it’s in the upper 3 percentile of every NFL combine athlete to ever compete. But this is exactly the reason I chose this particular goal! I wanted to pick a goal that was “unreachable” and … [Read more...]

The Flight System Is Finally Here

What up Squad!! Today’s the day. The day I finally release the video of my 42” Vertical Jump and the launch of my most anticipated training program ever, The Flight System. It’s been a long time coming, and words can’t describe how excited I am that you finally get to grab a copy of TFS. It doesn’t matter whether you play basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or even tennis. If you’re an athlete you can greatly benefit from increasing your vertical power. I’ve tested The … [Read more...]

Top 10 Vertical Drills [#1 Hurdle Jump]

FINALLY!! We’ve made it to number one of my Top 10 Vertical Drills. I’m glad to finally be done with the series because that means the release of The Flight System is right around the corner. Today I wanted to show you my absolute favorite exercise when it comes to vertical jump. Now I know some of you might have thought that number 1 was going to be some elaborate exercise, but nope! Update: I have a free Advanced Vertical Jump Series. Learn how to start increasing your vertical It’s … [Read more...]

Top 10 Vertical Drills [#2 High Box Squat]

What it do young athletes, Today’s such a great day. I just got back from my morning walk while listening to one of the best audiobooks I’ve heard so far. The name of the book is called The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale It touches on why 95% of people on this earth never live up to their highest potential. There are way too many people that live within the status quo and never dream of breaking out of it. One of the biggest takeaways from this book was that we become what we … [Read more...]

The Final Week Before The Flight System

What’s going on Squad, This is an exciting week here at OTA Headquarters. We’re coming up on the final week leading up to the release of my highly anticipated vertical jump program, The Flight System. And if you’ve been following me for sometimes now you know exactly what else is coming. The video of my 42” vertical jump. I started my journey of reaching a 42’ vertical a few years back and decided that I would make it into a series for my youtube channel called The 42” Vertical … [Read more...]

Top 10 Vertical Drills [#3 Rebound Vertical Jump]

What up Squad. Hope you’re having an awesome week. I don’t know if you got a chance to check out #4 of the Top 10 Vertical Jump Drills, but here it is -----> #4 Med Ball Power Toss Today I wanted to show you number 3. We’re coming down to the last couple of exercises. So you know what that means! The Flight System will be launching in a week and few days. It’s so close, I can just feel all the inches being gained through this program. This is honestly one of the best programs out … [Read more...]

Top 10 Vertical Drills [#4 Med Ball Power Toss] 

What’s good OTA Gang! We’re getting close to the release of The Flight System. In two weeks time, you’ll be able to truly start improving your athleticism by increasing your vertical jump. I’m super excited for every athlete to get their hands on this program. You see vertical jump training has been my obsession for the last 3 years. Back then I came to a realization that every athlete, no matter the sport, should be concentrating on increasing their vertical jump. It’s usually … [Read more...]