The #1 Ingredient to Increase Performance

I’m pretty sure it’s a well known fact in today’s society that carbohydrates provide us with energy for our daily activities. Being an athlete, your carbohydrate or“energy” requirements are way different than the regular person. You need to consume enough calories to provide your body with enough energy just to survive. That’s without working out and barely walking. That’s right, your body needs energy just to doit’s involuntary activities that we have no control over; i.e. … [Read more...]

Truth About Protein For Athletes

What’s going on Overtime! Hope everyone had an awesome labor day weekend with their families and friends.   I had an amazing one, but today is a start of a new week and the beginning of our new sports nutrition series that I’ve been promising. So without further ado, here’s Josh with this weeks nutrition article. --------------------------------------------- What up OTA. So this past weekend I was chilling with a couple of friends talking about this new series that Overtime … [Read more...]

Fat Loss for Athletes

Let's face it. 90% of athletes in this world are underdogs. There’s only a select few that are born to become phenomenal players. Everyone else must work overtime if they want to compete against these 10%’ers. Not only do we need to put the extra time in in the weight room. We must also be diligent in how we fuel our bodies for the ultimate goal of performance. We are OTA ATHLETES. Not average joes. When it comes to sports nutrition there is only ONE goal in mind. To fuel our … [Read more...]