I Was Doing My Shoulder Workouts All Wrong…

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? As you guys know, I recently released my new baby Athlete Built. Most of you guys train like athletes but this new program will make you look like an athlete. Look and perform like a Ferrari. Anyways, since I’ve been working on that program, I’ve been experimenting with new principles and ideas. I’ve been learning a lot about how to keep up my performance as well as build lots of lean, athletic muscle. I’ve also been learning a lot of bodybuilding principles, … [Read more...]

Shoulder Workout for Mass

Here's one of the best shoulder workouts for mass!!! Gaining size can be tricky for some people, especially lean slabs of muscle on the upper body when your as skinny as the Olsen twins.  Recently I got deathly sick and dropped 20+ lbs. in only 2 weeks.  Which made me loose all my hard earned muscle in no time and left me a scrawny little boy again.  Instead of whining and complaining, I went back to the gym immediately and started to gain back the mass in no time.  Check out the actual … [Read more...]

Lean Muscle…The Truth

Ahh the biggest debate in the gym these days and everyone’s biggest concern:  IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADD SLABS OF THICK LEAN MUSCLE WHILE STAYING SHREDDED? Well tell all your bodybuilding friends and local personal trainers fresh off their text book test that I said YES! It is not only possible but I will show you how… You see as we train to gain muscle we all know that you must have the correct caloric intake to support this growth which in turn leads to unwanted subcutaneous fat; you know the … [Read more...]