2 Tips to Prevent ACL Tear

What’s going on FAM, It’s crazy how many athletes I’ve seen this year suffer from some kind of knee injury. It seems like every year more and more athletes are landing the wrong way and destroying not just their knees, but also their athletic careers. ACL related injuries are one of the worst injuries to have. And it’s not very common for an athlete to come back on the field 100%, after tearing their ACL. So in today’s video I’m going to show you 2 ways you can prevent an ACL … [Read more...]

3 Methods to Bulletproof Your Body

Being who you are, a determined athlete that takes his athletic career serious; makes you prone to injury more than the next guy. The fact that you’re willing to put your body through the training and game day stresses that come along with becoming a great athlete means you have the potential to make a wrong move and really injure yourself. That’s why I always recommend training under a great coach that can help you avoid these unfortunate side effects of playing a contact sport. … [Read more...]