Why I DO NOT Use Olympic Lifts With My Athletes

What’s good OTA Nation, Today I wanted to address a question that I sometimes get from high school and college athletes that view my videos or read my blog posts. Do I use Olympic lifts in my programming? The straightforward answer is, NO. A more elaborate explanation is; because Olympic lifts are very technical by nature. It can take an athlete a couple of months to perfect a snatch or dead clean, depending on his/her limitations. And being a strength coach who’s sole … [Read more...]

Strongman Training for Triple Extension Power

How’s it going Ultimate Athletes, There’s been quite a few of you that have been messaging me with questions about triple extension and what the best way to train it is. Instead of making a whole new video I actually had a couple of older videos explaining my favorite ways to train triple extension. Now for those of you who need to be schooled on what triple extension is, it’s your bodies ability to produce explosive power by the simultaneous extension of the hips, knees, and ankles. … [Read more...]

How To Increase Broad Jump

Exercise To Increase Broad Jump We came up with this little exercise to help increase your horizontal power. This a great hip extension movement without having to teach a lot of technique. You can also see that it doesn't require a lot of equipment. Even though I did go out and splurge on a pair of combat handles, we used to rig different things up. So you can get it done even without them. Best, … [Read more...]

Explosive Training Exercises

There are many different types of explosive training exercises but when training many different athletes you can start to narrow it down to 2 forms that seem to dominate the field. This is plyometrics and olympic lifts. Before we get in to these understand that you need to have a solid foundation of strength before performing any.  What this means is having strong stable joints, legs and core are essential to all athletes.  This means being able squat and deadlift properly and also having a … [Read more...]

Training for Explosive Power

When training for explosive power we need to consider a few factors that hold athletes back from becoming more explosive.  Let's briefly go over some of the main aspects of training explosiveness... First, let's consider taking the strength we have and converting it into "explosiveness" in order to use it in competition.  In order to do this you will want to build up various percentages of your 1 rep max in different lifts and perform them as fast as possible. Example: let's say were using … [Read more...]

Explosive Training

Explosive training is a type of training that pertains to athletes and coaches from all walks of competition and enhances personal performance directly to the particular competition. Any sport requiring jumping, throwing, striking, accelerating, and changing direction would make perfect sense to train explosive power due to the degree of sport specificity. Some athletes can become confused sometimes when training for competition. It should be understood that as an athlete, we are training the … [Read more...]