The Common Mistake when Training for MMA

The best fighters besides skill set all have the same thing in common… They are all explosive!!  When we look at the make-up of a successful fighter we can narrow it down to 4 basic attributes. Skill & Experience Conditioning Toughness Speed, Power, Strength = EXPLOSIVENESS When most fighters train they make a common mistake… Let’s clear this up!! Conditioning and weight lifting together is the route which most trainers use when preparing for a fight by adding high intensity … [Read more...]

3 Training Mistakes That Hold Back Athletes & How to Correct Them

1. As an athlete we train movements not muscles -          Biceps are cool and yea, girls like them but they aren’t helping you in competition.  So it’s essential to know it’s what are muscles are doing for us in the cage not what they look like.  Our body is designed to work in chains, let’s take for instance when we are sprinting or jumping (hip extension/flexion), we are predominantly using our posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and lower back).   Our hamstring doesn’t contract then glute … [Read more...]

Lean Muscle…The Truth

Ahh the biggest debate in the gym these days and everyone’s biggest concern:  IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADD SLABS OF THICK LEAN MUSCLE WHILE STAYING SHREDDED? Well tell all your bodybuilding friends and local personal trainers fresh off their text book test that I said YES! It is not only possible but I will show you how… You see as we train to gain muscle we all know that you must have the correct caloric intake to support this growth which in turn leads to unwanted subcutaneous fat; you know the … [Read more...]

Dreaming Big

Hey Coach Elliott, I just graduated from high school. I was not as good as I could have been. I was plagued by injuries. I broke my thumb in the 5th game of my senior year in football. I had 3 pins put in it. I recovered just in time to play goalie for my school’s soccer team. We had the first ever winning record in our school’s soccer history (about 7 years) and made the playoffs. I however got kicked in the 3rd to last game of the regular season and had a level 3 ankle sprain. I was in a … [Read more...]

Florida Secrets of Speed and Quickness

We do alot of different things for Speed & Quickness here in Florida, but I got a little more effective and practical way...  Effective Speed & Quickness Instead of attempting some crazy style training, I recommend following a carefully devised routine.  One that will build explosive speed and power and most of all will translate over to your sport.  If your still unsure, I made a full proof plan here that can take you to the top of your game... Guaranteed!!! Click Here to check it … [Read more...]