Simple Warm Up Drill to Sprint Faster

What’s good Nation! Happy Tuesday. Hope you guys had a great weekend. This week I’m going to be pumping out a whole bunch of videos I’ve been saving for you. Today I wanted to show you a simple drill that you’ve probably seen in my ESA promo vid. It’s an exercise that I learned through Coach Cooper. I hired him and his team when I was training for the combine, and really felt a difference from adding this exercise into my warm up. So just wanted to pass on something that … [Read more...]

Truth About Protein For Athletes

What’s going on Overtime! Hope everyone had an awesome labor day weekend with their families and friends.   I had an amazing one, but today is a start of a new week and the beginning of our new sports nutrition series that I’ve been promising. So without further ado, here’s Josh with this weeks nutrition article. --------------------------------------------- What up OTA. So this past weekend I was chilling with a couple of friends talking about this new series that Overtime … [Read more...]

3 Techniques to Overcome a Strength Plateau

What’s going on OTA Nation. So a few days ago I had a good friend of mine write an article on fat loss for athletes. Which has gotten an awesome response from everyone. So much that we’ve decided to start releasing more information regarding nutrition in the coming weeks. So be prepared to learn some awesome information. Today I wanted to come at you with a video I released yesterday about strength plateaus. In it I go into 3 techniques that I’ve been using with myself and my … [Read more...]

Fat Loss for Athletes

Let's face it. 90% of athletes in this world are underdogs. There’s only a select few that are born to become phenomenal players. Everyone else must work overtime if they want to compete against these 10%’ers. Not only do we need to put the extra time in in the weight room. We must also be diligent in how we fuel our bodies for the ultimate goal of performance. We are OTA ATHLETES. Not average joes. When it comes to sports nutrition there is only ONE goal in mind. To fuel our … [Read more...]

Jump High But Can’t Dunk

What’s good Overtime, Ever since I released my 44’ inch vertical jump video on youtube a few months ago I’ve gotten countless messages from athletes asking me why I haven’t released a dunk video yet. It’s funny how many people assume that somebody is a great dunker based off of his vertical jump. And in today’s video, I explain exactly why this assumption is dead wrong. What most people don’t understand is that dunking is a skill. Just like in baseball, you can be strong as a MF but a … [Read more...]

How To Train For The Pro Shuttle

Yo! Hope you guys are having an awesome Thursday. I’ve been killing it in the office for the past couple of hours. Putting in the work and getting sh!t done for this year's Strength Camp Challenge. Hope some of you guys can make it this year. It’s going to be HUGE. Anyways, I put out a brand new video last night where I break down exactly how to train for the pro-shuttle. You see this past weekend I was sitting by the pool enjoying the Florida sun. Naturally, whenever I have some time … [Read more...]

How To Train In-Season

What’s going on OTA Nation, Today I’m coming at you with a brand new video I put out a few days ago. It’s probably one of the best important messages I want to drill into your head. Why? Because I’m tired of seeing athletes start from square one EVERY off season. Let me explain. Every athlete that comes to me during their off season starts at a certain level of athleticism or performance. As we progress throughout their training, we steadily climb up and improve every aspect of … [Read more...]

Core Training For Athletes

Happy Monday OTA. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine has been full of travel. Saturday morning I woke up at 4 a.m. to catch a flight bright and early with E and Danny. We traveled to L.A. for a meeting with a consultant that’s going to help us along our journey to expanding Strength Camp Gyms around the world. Things are getting pretty serious around here. Only great things to come. Anyways in today’s email I wanted to discuss my approach to core training for athletes. This was a … [Read more...]

3 Methods to Bulletproof Your Body

Being who you are, a determined athlete that takes his athletic career serious; makes you prone to injury more than the next guy. The fact that you’re willing to put your body through the training and game day stresses that come along with becoming a great athlete means you have the potential to make a wrong move and really injure yourself. That’s why I always recommend training under a great coach that can help you avoid these unfortunate side effects of playing a contact sport. … [Read more...]

How to Train for Football Camps & Combines

What’s good OTA Squad! Wow this week has been crazy. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new program that I’ve kept secret for some time. You see, there’s a reason why I’ve been M.I.A for the past 3 years. During that time I delve deep into vertical, speed, and strength training. I wanted to master these topics so I could provide the best training and information out there for any athlete I cross paths with. I told you 2016 was gonna be our year. We’ve released so … [Read more...]