Back Squat Vs. Front Squat

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? Hope life has been good for you guys. I’ve been getting some questions from some of the Nation asking if a front squat or a back squat is better. The truth is… they’re both great movements. However, I do use them in different circumstances. I like to use the front squat with athletes who have rounded shoulders and lack stability in their thoracic region. The front squat forces them to create stability in their upper back and ultimately supports them in fixing … [Read more...]

Warm-Up For Max Jumping Effort

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? I’ve been talking a lot about Vertical Jump lately, so I figured I’d provide you guys with an incredible warm-up to maximize your vertical efforts. The warm-up I’m going to talk about can be used before games or practices. It’ll be very useful for any sport or activity that really relies on your jumping ability. This warm-up has three portions: Mobilization, Iso-Activation, and Dynamic-Activation. Let’s get into … [Read more...]

3 Habits of Elite Athletes

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? Hope y’all have been working your asses off this week and reaping the benefits. This week I’ve been watching a lot of NBA Playoffs. Seeing all of these ELITE players playing at their best, hustling for every loose ball, and grinding for every single bucket is really inspiring to me. It also got me thinking… I know all of you guys have aspirations to become ELITE athletes… but you have to realize that becoming elite is more than just giving it your all in the … [Read more...]

How Using a Foam Pad Can Increase Your Vertical

Yo Yo! What’s going on OTA Nation? Hope y’all are still out there grinding away at your goals and dreams. Keep up the great work! Today I wanted to share a little trick I like to use with my athletes that ultimately helps them increase their vertical. It involves using a simple foam pad… When we’re trying to increase our vertical, we’re working on our stretch-shortening cycle. And we’re always trying to eliminate time on our amortization(transition) phase, which is the time between the … [Read more...]

Vertical Jump Plateaus?

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? How was the grind today? I know you gave it your all and pushed your limits on every single exercise, drill, and rep. I’ll give you heavy props for that. Anyway, I’ve been hearing from a lot of our athletes recently and they seem to be running into vertical jump plateaus. Plateaus are a very tricky thing, because our natural instinct is to muscle your way through those plateaus, but you may end up running yourself into the ground. Instead, we need … [Read more...]

I Used This Exercise To Fix My Postural Problem

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? I don’t know if you know this, but back in college I broke my shoulder. Since then, my posture has been a sticking point. As I was rehabbing my shoulder, I thought that I had to strengthen it through exercises like the shoulder press and bench press. What I didn’t know was that this was doing more harm than good. Everything I was doing was in a forward pattern causing my shoulders to rotate internally. This could've potentially set me up for more injury, but … [Read more...]

I Was Doing My Shoulder Workouts All Wrong…

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? As you guys know, I recently released my new baby Athlete Built. Most of you guys train like athletes but this new program will make you look like an athlete. Look and perform like a Ferrari. Anyways, since I’ve been working on that program, I’ve been experimenting with new principles and ideas. I’ve been learning a lot about how to keep up my performance as well as build lots of lean, athletic muscle. I’ve also been learning a lot of bodybuilding principles, … [Read more...]

Two Speed Exercises You Can Do At Home

Yo! What’s good OTA Nation? Today I’ve got two exercises you can do at home that will greatly increase your speed. Now these aren’t your typical jumping or sprinting exercises, but I can honestly say they’re just as effective. The first is going to be a Bulgarian Split Squat, but instead of performing reps you’ll be doing an isometric hold at the bottom of the movement. What’s happening during this hold is that you’re recruiting almost all of the muscle motor units that you would be using … [Read more...]

Increase Your Bench Press With These 4 Exercises

What’s good OTA Nation, Yesterday I released a new video on my top 4 favorite exercises to increase my athletes bench press. As most of you know, I’ve been experimenting with Tri-Phasic Training for a couple of years now, and it’s become my go-to method for increasing my athlete's strength and athleticism. In the video, I explain the 4 different ways I use the bench press and triphasic training to elicit different responses in my athletes. Bench Press This is the O.G. … [Read more...]

The #1 Ingredient to Increase Performance

I’m pretty sure it’s a well known fact in today’s society that carbohydrates provide us with energy for our daily activities. Being an athlete, your carbohydrate or“energy” requirements are way different than the regular person. You need to consume enough calories to provide your body with enough energy just to survive. That’s without working out and barely walking. That’s right, your body needs energy just to doit’s involuntary activities that we have no control over; i.e. … [Read more...]