Cam Newton Workout… Train to be a Pure Athlete

When you think of elusive you think of speed.  When you think of breaking tackles you think of raw power.  And when you think of a pure athlete with these attributes you think of Cam Newton.  Cam Newton exploded onto the college scene and is going to in the NFL and this is because of the Cam Newton Workout.  Cam is 6’5 248 lbs. of pure muscle and movement.  He can run like a wide receiver and break tackles like a runningback but is the size of a fullback.  What more could a coach ask for?

Cam knew at a young age that growing up he would be genetically gifted with his parents both being of enormous stature but it never made him lose sight of how hard he would have to work.  His workout routine consists of many lifts you would see in any college weight room and well break it down here…

For footwork drills Cam impresses everyone with his explosive burst and quickness through the ladder and cone drills.  To add explosiveness in his hips he jumps on boxes and over hurdles to get powerful extension.  Check out this video…

As far as in the gym Cam has consistently trained movements not muscles.  He pushes and pulls heavy weight to keep a powerful upper body.  Then performs heavy squats and other leg movements to have strength in the lower.  He also performs olympic lifts such as cleans and jerks to maintain powerful hips.

Cam also makes sure to do certain band work and dynamic flexibility drills to maintain fluid hips and upper body that really make him stand out on the field.  Following a complete football program just like Cam does is how you become an athlete like him.  I suggest taking a look here.

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