Percy Harvin Workout… Workout Freak

Percy Harvin

5’11 195 lbs. of solid speed and muscle is what Percy is made of.  This man has been an underrated freak in the weight room since he was in college at the University of Florida.  His numbers in the weight room are unheard of and this is tributed to the Percy Harvin workout.

I heard a rumor through the UF weight room that in college he could bench press 405 lbs. and squat over 550 lbs.  Now for a runningback/receiver in college these are crazy numbers in the weight room.  Think of the damage that you could do if you were lifting like this before your next season.  The trick is all about the workout…

Here’s a sample format he exact workout Percy followed at UF

Speed Drill
-Wall Speed Drills
-Classic Speed Drills
-Resistive Runs
Prehab Stations
-Gute Med
-Squat Progression
Strength Routine
-Glute-Ham Raise
-Calf Raise

Now you have his leg workout but sometimes it takes a little more.  Maybe you need a well balanced program that will attack every aspect of your game as an explosive athlete.  Maybe it might be you need motivation and I got just the trick right here…

Watch an explosive training program and motivation here…

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  1. kingsvardkied Harvin says:

    Can you send me Percy Harvins personal workout. I want to do whatever workout he does?

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